Weekly Reflection: Self Identity

Self Identity. Where to begin? Where to end? Does it really end? So many questions that can be asked about one’s self identity. Thinking about the technology driven world that we live in today, social media plays such a large role in defining who people are or how they are categorized or viewed in the public sphere. Again, I am not saying that’s right or wrong, but it is fragile. It is important. It is something that needs to be handled with care.

The authors from the readings we were assigned in class brought up great points about the Self Identity and the impact social media has on them. Personally, in my profession, social media has so much to do with how we view incoming recruits. One bad Facebook post, one wrong tweet, one inappropriate Instagram posting can turn the page on a recruit. One misstep can take someone from a hero to a zero.

I think what drew me to this topic this week was how subjective the topic is. Identities are viewed differently from one person to the next, one generation to the next, one ethnicity to the next, and one population to the next. Just like the blogging section from the week prior, I really enjoyed reading two differing views/opinions on self identity. I look forward for what’s coming next!


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